The Best Mobile Games for Creative Types

Are you a creative person looking for some mobile games to stimulate your imagination and challenge your problem-solving skills? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best mobile games for creative types that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours.

Whether you’re into puzzles, drawing, or building your own virtual world, there’s a mobile game for you. From the stunning artistic design of Monument Valley 2 to the classic drawing game Draw Something, these games offer a variety of experiences to cater to your specific creative interests.

So grab your phone and get ready to unleash your creativity with these top mobile games.

Monument Valley 2: A Puzzle Game with Stunning Artistic Design

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You’ll love Monument Valley 2 for its mind-bending puzzles and breathtaking artistic style! This game is a sequel to the award-winning Monument Valley, and it’s just as captivating as the original.

The puzzles are challenging yet solvable, and the design is simply stunning. You’ll guide a mother and her child through a world of impossible architecture, twisting and turning structures to create new paths and solve puzzles. The graphics are rich and immersive, with beautiful colors and intricate details that make the game feel like a work of art.

One of the best things about Monument Valley 2 is its accessibility. The game is easy to pick up and play, but it also offers a satisfying challenge for more experienced gamers. The puzzles are designed to be intuitive, so you won’t ever feel frustrated or stuck.

Plus, the game is available on both iOS and Android devices, so you can play it on your smartphone or tablet wherever you go. If you’re looking for a mobile game that will stimulate your mind and delight your senses, Monument Valley 2 is definitely worth a try.

Draw Something: The Classic Drawing Game for Mobile Devices

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With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Draw Something remains a beloved app for artists and non-artists alike. The game is essentially a digital version of Pictionary, where players take turns drawing a chosen word while the other player tries to guess it.

The app has a wide range of words to choose from, ensuring that players will have a fresh challenge each time they play. One of the best things about Draw Something is that it’s a great way to get creative juices flowing.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, the game’s low-pressure environment encourages you to experiment with different drawing styles and techniques. Plus, seeing your friend’s reactions to your drawings can be a great source of motivation to keep improving.

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time or a creative outlet, Draw Something is definitely worth checking out.

Minecraft: Build Your Own Virtual World and Let Your Imagination Run Wild

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As you explore the vast world of Minecraft, your imagination will be unleashed and you’ll be able to create your own virtual world from scratch.

With its blocky graphics and open-world gameplay, Minecraft has become a beloved game for creative types around the world.

In Minecraft, you can build anything you can imagine, from a small cabin in the woods to a massive castle in the sky.

The game’s creative mode allows you to build without any limitations, while the survival mode adds an element of danger and excitement to the gameplay.

You’ll need to gather resources, build shelter, and fend off monsters as you explore the world of Minecraft.

With endless possibilities and a thriving online community, Minecraft is the perfect game for anyone who loves to let their imagination run wild.

Colorfy: A Relaxing Coloring Book App for Adults

@ Midjourney AI Image Prompt: /imagine prompt:Create an image of a person sitting in a cozy chair, holding a smartphone with the Colorfy app open. The app displays a beautiful mandala design being colored in with vibrant hues. The person is smiling and relaxed with a cup of tea nearby. –v 5.1 –ar 16:9

Get lost in the soothing world of Colorfy, where you can unwind and relieve stress by coloring beautiful designs with just a tap of your finger. With over 1000 intricate designs to choose from, you can spend hours coloring everything from mandalas to florals to animals.

The app also offers a variety of color palettes to choose from, so you can create a unique and personalized masterpiece every time. Colorfy is not only a great way to reduce stress, but it also allows you to tap into your creativity and explore different color combinations.

The app is perfect for artists, designers, or anyone looking to escape into a world of color and relaxation. Whether you’re waiting in line or on a long commute, Colorfy is the perfect way to pass the time and indulge in a little creativity.

So why not download the app and start coloring your stress away?

Procreate Pocket: A Professional-Level Drawing and Painting App

@ Midjourney AI Image Prompt: /imagine prompt:Create an image of an artist’s hand holding a smartphone with the Procreate Pocket app open and a masterpiece in progress on the screen. The background should showcase different types of art supplies. –v 5.1 –ar 16:9

Procreate Pocket is a must-have app for artists who want to create professional-level digital art on their mobile devices. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, this app lets you unleash your creativity and create stunning artworks on the go.

Whether you’re a professional artist or a beginner, Procreate Pocket is the perfect tool to take your digital art to the next level. One of the best things about Procreate Pocket is its wide range of brushes and tools. It has everything you need to create your masterpiece – from pencils and markers to paintbrushes and airbrushes.

The app also supports various layers, allowing you to work on different parts of your artwork separately. With its high-resolution canvas and customizable color palettes, you have the freedom to create any kind of artwork you want.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful and easy-to-use digital art app, Procreate Pocket is definitely the one for you.

Flow Free: A Fun and Addictive Puzzle Game for Creative Thinkers

@ Midjourney AI Image Prompt: /imagine prompt:Create an image of colorful curved lines intersecting to form a puzzle, with a hand holding a phone playing Flow Free in the foreground. –v 5.1 –ar 16:9

Flow Free is a puzzle game that challenges players to connect dots of different colors without overlapping the lines. It provides an engaging and entertaining experience for those who enjoy using their problem-solving skills. This game is perfect for creative types who love to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions.

Flow Free is available on both iOS and Android devices, and it boasts over 2,500 levels, ensuring that you’ll never run out of challenges to conquer. The game starts off easy but gradually becomes more difficult as you progress through the levels. As you complete each puzzle, you earn stars that unlock new packs with even more challenging puzzles.

Flow Free is a great way to exercise your brain and improve your critical thinking skills, all while having fun and enjoying the colorful graphics and soothing music. So, if you’re looking for a game that will keep you entertained for hours and test your creative problem-solving abilities, give Flow Free a try!

The Room: A Challenging Puzzle Game with Intricate Graphics and Design

@ Midjourney AI Image Prompt: /imagine prompt:Create an image of a mysterious locked room with intricate details and complex puzzles, surrounded by tools such as magnifying glasses and intricate keys, representing The Room, a challenging puzzle game with beautiful graphics. –v 5.1 –ar 16:9

You’ll find yourself completely immersed in the intricate graphics and design of The Room, a challenging puzzle game that will test your problem-solving skills.

This game will take you on a journey through a mysterious world, where you’ll have to solve a series of intricate puzzles. Each puzzle is unique and requires a different approach, so you’ll have to think creatively to progress through the game.

The Room is not only a game but also an experience. The graphics and sound design are so detailed that you’ll feel like you’re actually in the game.

As you solve each puzzle, you’ll uncover more of the game’s story, which adds an extra layer of intrigue.

If you’re looking for a game that will challenge your mind and transport you to a new world, then The Room is the perfect game for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for each of these mobile games?

To find out the system requirements for each of these mobile games, you can simply go to the app store and check the game’s information page. It will list the required operating system (OS) version and the compatible devices.

Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements before downloading the game. Some games may require more advanced hardware and may not be compatible with older devices. It’s always a good idea to check the system requirements before making a purchase to avoid any compatibility issues.

Are any of these games available for free or are they all paid apps?

Looking for some mobile games that won’t cost you a dime? You’re in luck! Some of the games on our list of the best mobile games for creative types are actually available for free.

While some of the more popular titles may require a small fee, there are a few great options that won’t break the bank. So if you’re on a budget but still want to flex your creative muscles, be sure to check out our list and keep an eye out for those free options.

How long does it take to complete each game?

If you’re wondering how long it takes to complete each mobile game, the answer really depends on the specific game.

Some games have linear narratives with set endings, while others are open-ended with no clear finish line.

Additionally, the length of time it takes to complete a game can vary greatly based on your skill level and how much time you’re able to devote to playing.

Some games may take only a few hours to complete, while others could take weeks or even months.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how much time you want to invest in each game and whether or not you feel satisfied with your progress along the way.

Is there a multiplayer option for any of these games?

If you’re wondering whether any of the best mobile games for creative types have a multiplayer option, the answer is yes!

Some of these games offer multiplayer modes that allow you to play with friends or other players online. For example, Minecraft has a multiplayer mode where you can join servers and build with others, while Draw Something lets you challenge friends to a drawing game.

Other games like Monument Valley and Prune may not have a traditional multiplayer mode, but they do offer ways to share your creations with others through social media or online communities.

So if you’re looking for a fun and social way to express your creativity on your mobile device, be sure to check out these games with multiplayer options.

Can you customize the difficulty level in each of these games?

Yes, many of the mobile games available today allow you to customize the difficulty level according to your preferences. In fact, this feature is becoming increasingly common in games of all genres, not just those geared towards creative types.

Some games offer a range of difficulty levels that you can choose from, while others let you adjust specific aspects of the gameplay to make it easier or more challenging. Whether you’re looking for a casual game to play in your spare time or a more intense experience that’ll put your skills to the test, there are plenty of options out there that give you the flexibility to play the way you want to.


Congratulations! You’ve just discovered the best mobile games for creative types. Not only are these games fun and entertaining, but they also allow you to express your artistic side in a variety of ways.

Monument Valley 2 is the perfect game for those who enjoy puzzles and appreciate stunning artistic design.

Minecraft allows you to build your own virtual world and let your imagination run wild.

Procreate Pocket is a professional-level drawing and painting app that you can take with you wherever you go.

And Colorfy is a relaxing coloring book app for adults.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging puzzle game or a relaxing creative outlet, these mobile games have got you covered.

So why not download one (or all) of them today and let your creativity soar? You never know what amazing things you might create!