How To Unblock Someone On Reddit

Are you tired of having someone blocked on Reddit? Do you want to give them another chance? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to unblock someone on Reddit.

With our step-by-step guide, you’ll have that person unblocked in no time.

Reddit is one of the oldest social media platforms in the market that has garnered hundreds of millions of users over the years.

For those wondering, Reddit already had a blocking feature like most other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Plus, we’ll give you some tips for handling blocked users and share the best practices for resolving conflicts on Reddit.

So, let’s get started and restore your Reddit experience!

Reasons to Unblock Someone on Reddit

If you’ve had a change of heart and want to give someone another chance, you can unblock them on Reddit. Perhaps they said something that upset you in the past, but now you realize it was a misunderstanding or they have genuinely changed.

By unblocking them, you open the possibility of rekindling a positive relationship or engaging in meaningful discussions again. Sometimes people make mistakes or have differing opinions, but that doesn’t mean they are inherently bad.

Unblocking someone on Reddit shows maturity and allows for personal growth. It also promotes a more inclusive and diverse community where everyone’s voice can be heard.

If upon reviewing their profile, you decide that perhaps blocking them wasn’t necessary after all (or maybe they’ve changed their ways), simply hit “unblock user” located towards the bottom of their profile page.

Understanding the Blocking Feature on Reddit

The blocking feature on Reddit allows you to prevent others from interacting with your posts and comments. It’s a useful tool for maintaining your privacy and controlling who can engage with your content.

When you block someone on Reddit, they won’t be able to see your posts, send you messages, or reply to your comments. This feature can come in handy if you encounter someone who is harassing or trolling you. By blocking them, you can effectively remove their presence from your Reddit experience.

It’s important to note that blocking someone is a personal decision, and it’s completely up to you to decide who you want to block and when to unblock them.

Keep reading to learn more about the new block user feature on Reddit.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unblock Someone on Reddit

Here’s how to unblock on Reddit desktop via the web app: Launch your web browser, whether it’s on your mobile device or on a computer, and enter in the address bar.

To reverse the blocking action, simply go to the user’s profile and select the option to allow them to interact with your posts and comments again.

Blocking someone on Reddit can sometimes be a necessary step to maintain a positive and safe online environment. However, there may come a time when you want to unblock someone and give them another chance to engage with your content.

To unblock someone, start by accessing your Reddit account and navigating to the user’s profile. Once you’re on their profile, look for the option that allows you to unblock them. Click on it, and confirm your decision to unblock the user.

Click the downward pointing arrow icon next to your username in the top right corner.

From the list of options, select the user Settings, Select Safety and Privacy.

After this step, the person will regain the ability to interact with your posts and comments once again. Remember, unblocking someone is a personal choice, so make sure you consider your reasons before taking this action.

Tips for Handling Blocked Users on Reddit

When interacting with blocked users on Reddit, it’s important to remain calm and respectful. Remember, everyone has different opinions and perspectives, and it’s crucial to approach these interactions with understanding and maturity.

One tip is to avoid engaging in arguments or personal attacks. Instead, focus on constructive discussions and try to find common ground. Responding with aggression or hostility will only escalate the situation and hinder any chance of resolution.

To unblock a user on Reddit, you first need to go to your preferences page by clicking on your profile picture located at the top right corner of the screen.

From the drop-down menu, select the “User Settings” option.

On the User settings page, move to the “Safety & Privacy” tab.

There you will be able to access the list of people you have blocked on your account.

If you have lost your wits and blocked a disturbing user on Reddit, you can unblock them once you cool down.

If you wish to access the list of users you have blocked on Reddit, you can go to the “Safety and Privacy” section from the User Settings menu.

Best Practices for Resolving Conflicts on Reddit

If conflicts arise on Reddit, it’s crucial to approach them with open-mindedness and a willingness to find common ground.

Remember, everyone on Reddit has their own opinions and perspectives, so try to understand where the other person is coming from.

Instead of getting defensive or attacking them, engage in a respectful conversation. Listen to their points and respond thoughtfully.

Don’t let emotions get the best of you; stay calm and composed. Be open to the possibility of changing your own views or finding a middle ground.

Remember, the goal is not to win an argument but to foster understanding and find a resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Unblock Someone on Reddit Without Them Knowing?

Yes, you can unblock someone on Reddit without them knowing.

Will Unblocking Someone on Reddit Restore Our Previous Interactions?

Unblocking someone on Reddit will not automatically restore your previous interactions. It simply allows you to see their content and interact with them again.

Can I Block Someone on Reddit if They Have Already Blocked Me?

Yes, you can block someone on Reddit even if they’ve already blocked you. Blocking someone on Reddit prevents them from interacting with you and seeing your posts and comments.

How to unblock someone on Reddit?

If you’re using Reddit on a phone using the official Reddit app, the process for unblocking a user is slightly different.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Users I Can Unblock on Reddit?

There is no limit to the number of users you can unblock on Reddit. You have the ability to unblock as many users as you want. This gives you complete control over your blocked list.

Can I Still See a Blocked User’s Posts and Comments in Reddit Communities?

Yes, you can still see a blocked user’s posts and comments in Reddit communities. Blocking someone only prevents them from directly interacting with you. However, their content is still visible to others.


In conclusion, unblocking someone on Reddit is a simple process that can help resolve conflicts and improve your overall experience on the platform.

By understanding the reasons to unblock someone and following the step-by-step guide provided, you can easily undo the block and restore communication with the user.

Remember to handle blocked users with caution and use the blocking feature responsibly.

By practicing these best practices, you can navigate conflicts on Reddit in a constructive and respectful manner.

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