How to Swap Buddies in Pokémon GO: A Simple Guide

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to swap buddies in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go, a popular augmented reality game, allows players to form a bond with a chosen Pokémon known as a buddy. Swapping buddies offers players the opportunity to explore different Pokémon and reap various benefits.

The process involves accessing the Buddy Menu, selecting a new buddy, and interacting with it to earn rewards such as Buddy Candy. Additionally, evolving the buddy Pokémon is a possibility, further enhancing its capabilities.

Players are also able to switch buddies when participating in Gym battles and Raids, enabling them to strategize and maximize their team’s effectiveness.

Furthermore, fostering strong friendship levels with buddies can unlock additional perks and bonuses.

By understanding how to swap buddies effectively, Pokémon Go players can diversify their gameplay experience and enhance their overall performance.

Accessing the Buddy Menu

To access the Buddy Menu in Pokemon Go, players can follow a series of steps provided in the game’s user interface, allowing them to easily navigate to the desired section. Once the game is launched, players need to tap on their profile icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen. This will open up the player’s profile page, where they can find various options.

The next step is to tap on the ‘Buddy’ tab, which is usually located near the top of the screen. This action will take the player to the Buddy Menu.

The Buddy Menu offers players several features and options. One of the main features is the ability to customize their buddy’s appearance. Players can choose from a variety of available buddies, each with its own unique appearance. This allows players to personalize their gaming experience and develop a sense of attachment to their chosen buddy.

In addition to appearance customization, the Buddy Menu also provides players with access to buddy perks and bonuses. Buddies can provide players with various benefits, such as increased rewards, increased chances of capturing rare Pokemon, and faster egg hatching. These perks incentivize players to maintain a close relationship with their buddy and invest time and effort into nurturing the bond between them.

Furthermore, the Buddy Menu offers various buddy challenges and mini-games. Players can engage in activities with their buddy, such as catching Pokemon together, participating in battles, or completing specific tasks. These challenges and mini-games not only provide entertainment but also offer rewards and opportunities to strengthen the bond between the player and their buddy.

Overall, the Buddy Menu in Pokemon Go provides players with a range of features and options, including appearance customization, buddy perks and bonuses, and buddy challenges and mini-games. By accessing this menu, players can enhance their gaming experience and develop a deeper connection with their chosen buddy.

Selecting a New Buddy

a New Buddy

When considering a new companion, players have the option to choose a different ally to accompany them on their journey in the popular augmented reality game.

One aspect that players may take into account when selecting a new buddy is the potential to find rare buddies. By swapping buddies, players have the opportunity to encounter and capture different Pokémon species, including those that are rare or hard to find in their current location. This can add excitement and diversity to the gameplay experience.

Another consideration when choosing a new buddy is the ability to utilize buddy perks. Buddies in Pokémon Go can provide various benefits to players, such as finding extra items or increasing the chances of capturing Pokémon. By selecting a buddy that offers desirable perks, players can enhance their overall gameplay and progress in the game more effectively.

Furthermore, swapping buddies can also help players improve their buddy battle skills. Buddies can participate in battles alongside players, gaining experience and leveling up through battles. By selecting a buddy that is strong in battles or has a type advantage against certain opponents, players can enhance their chances of winning battles and achieving success in the game.

Overall, the option to select a new buddy in Pokémon Go provides players with the opportunity to find rare buddies, utilize buddy perks, and improve their buddy battle skills. This adds depth and strategy to the gameplay experience, allowing players to customize their journey and progress in the game.

Interacting with Your Buddy

Interacting with one’s chosen companion in the augmented reality game offers players a sense of companionship and engagement, fostering a deeper emotional connection to the virtual world. When it comes to interacting with your buddy in Pokémon Go, there are several ways to engage with them.

Firstly, during battles, your buddy can accompany you and provide assistance. They can help you earn rewards, such as extra items or increased chances of catching wild Pokémon. Additionally, your buddy’s presence can boost your Pokémon’s attack power, making battles more advantageous.

Another way to interact with your buddy is by customizing their appearance. Pokémon Go offers various accessories and outfits that can be obtained and equipped for your buddy, allowing you to personalize their look. This feature not only adds a fun element to the game but also helps players feel a stronger connection with their virtual companion.

Furthermore, your buddy possesses special abilities that can be utilized in gameplay. These abilities vary depending on the Pokémon species and can range from finding items to assisting in capturing wild Pokémon. By utilizing your buddy’s special abilities strategically, you can enhance your gameplay experience and increase your chances of success.

Overall, interacting with your buddy in Pokémon Go enhances the player’s gaming experience by providing companionship, personalization, and unique gameplay opportunities.

Earning Buddy Candy

Earning Buddy Candy can be achieved through various in-game actions, enabling players to acquire resources for their virtual companions. Maximizing buddy candy is crucial for players who want to efficiently level up their buddies and evolve them into stronger forms.

To optimize buddy distance, players can employ several strategies.

Firstly, players should select a buddy that requires a shorter distance to earn candy. Each Pokémon has a different buddy distance requirement, ranging from 1 kilometer to 20 kilometers. By choosing a Pokémon with a shorter distance, players can earn candy at a faster rate.

Secondly, players can make use of the Adventure Sync feature. This feature allows players to track their walking distance even when the app is not actively open. By enabling Adventure Sync, players can earn candy even when they are not actively playing the game.

Thirdly, players can take advantage of special events and bonuses. Pokémon GO frequently hosts events that offer increased buddy candy rewards or reduced buddy distance requirements. By keeping an eye on these events and participating in them, players can earn candy more efficiently.

Maximizing buddy candy in Pokémon GO requires players to employ strategies such as selecting the right buddy, utilizing Adventure Sync, and participating in special events. By optimizing buddy distance, players can acquire resources for their virtual companions more effectively.

Evolving Your Buddy

To evolve your companion, it is essential to follow specific steps that will enhance their abilities and allow them to reach their full potential. Buddy evolution requirements in Pokémon Go vary depending on the species of the Pokémon. Generally, evolving your buddy requires walking a certain distance and earning a specific amount of candy. The distance required can range from 1 km to 20 km, while the candy requirement can vary from 1 to 400 candies.

Meeting these requirements will trigger the evolution process, enabling your buddy to evolve into a stronger and more powerful form.

There are several benefits to evolving your buddy in Pokémon Go. Evolved buddies often have higher base stats, making them more formidable in battles. Additionally, they may learn new moves or have access to more powerful movesets, increasing their effectiveness in combat. Evolved buddies can also have higher CP (Combat Power) values, making them more competitive in gym battles or raids.

Strategies for evolving multiple buddies can be useful for players who want to evolve several Pokémon companions simultaneously. One strategy is to prioritize buddies that have lower candy requirements, as it will take less time and effort to accumulate the necessary candies. Another strategy is to focus on buddies with the highest potential, such as those with strong base stats or rare evolutionary forms.

This way, players can maximize the benefits of buddy evolution and build a diverse and powerful team.

Switching Buddies in Gyms and Raids

Switching buddies in gyms and raids allows players to strategically utilize different Pokémon allies to maximize their team’s effectiveness in battles. Training buddies for battle is an essential aspect of Pokémon Go, and being able to switch buddies in gyms and raids enhances this training process.

The buddy system provides various bonuses in raids, such as granting extra Premier Balls for capturing raid bosses. By switching buddies, players can optimize their chances of capturing these powerful Pokémon. Additionally, different buddies offer unique abilities and movesets, which can be advantageous in specific raid battles. For example, a buddy with a strong Electric-type move may be useful against a raid boss weak to Electric attacks.

Switching buddies in gyms also allows players to strategize their team composition and take advantage of type matchups. By selecting a buddy that counters the defending Pokémon’s type, players increase their chances of winning gym battles. For instance, choosing a Water-type buddy against a Fire-type defender gives players a type advantage and boosts their chances of victory.

Furthermore, switching buddies can help players adapt to different gym defenders and their tactics, ensuring a more well-rounded and adaptable battle strategy.

Switching buddies in gyms and raids offers players the opportunity to train their Pokémon effectively, maximize their chances of capturing raid bosses, and strategize their team composition for gym battles. By utilizing different buddies, players can leverage their unique abilities and type matchups to succeed in battles and strengthen their teams.

Maximizing Buddy Friendship Levels

Maximizing the friendship levels with companions in Pokémon Go can greatly enhance the overall effectiveness and performance of players’ teams in battles and raids.

One way to maximize buddy friendship levels is by finding rare buddy Pokémon. These Pokémon are not commonly found in the game, but having them as buddies can provide unique advantages. By walking a certain distance with these rare buddies, players can earn candies specific to that Pokémon, which can be used to power them up and evolve them.

Utilizing buddy perks is another strategy to maximize friendship levels. Buddies can provide players with various perks, such as finding gifts more frequently, increasing the chances of getting rare items, or even reducing the distance needed to hatch eggs. These perks can greatly aid players in their gameplay and progression.

Moreover, there are buddy strategies specifically tailored for player versus player (PvP) battles. Some Pokémon have unique moves or abilities that can be unlocked through buddy interaction. By reaching higher friendship levels, players can unlock exclusive moves for their buddies, giving them an edge in PvP battles.

Maximizing buddy friendship levels in Pokémon Go is crucial for enhancing the effectiveness of players’ teams. Finding rare buddy Pokémon, utilizing buddy perks, and employing buddy strategies for PvP battles are all important aspects of maximizing these friendship levels. By focusing on these strategies, players can optimize their gameplay experience and achieve better results in battles and raids.


Can I switch my buddy Pokémon during a battle in a Gym or Raid?

During a gym battle or raid in Pokémon Go, it is not possible to switch buddy Pokémon. However, if a new buddy is selected, candy can be earned immediately. Switching buddies does not impact the progress of the buddy level.

How long does it take for my buddy Pokémon to find a candy?

The buddy Pokémon’s candy finding rate is influenced by the distance walked. The greater the distance, the faster candies are obtained. Certain factors, such as using a Poffin or having a higher buddy level, can accelerate the candy finding process. There is no maximum limit to the number of candies a buddy Pokémon can find in a day.

Can I evolve my buddy Pokémon even if it hasn’t found enough candy?

Evolving a buddy Pokémon without enough candy is not possible. In order to evolve a buddy Pokémon, the player must first accumulate the required amount of candy by finding candy for their buddy Pokémon or by feeding them.

What happens to the buddy level progress if I switch buddies?

Buddy progress preservation is not affected when switching buddies in Pokémon GO. The buddy swapping mechanics allow trainers to switch without losing any progress. Strategies for maximizing buddy progress include selecting Pokémon that require fewer candies to evolve.

Can I have multiple buddy Pokémon at the same time?

Having multiple buddy Pokémon in Pokémon Go can be a beneficial strategy for maximizing candy collection. By utilizing the buddy system, players can alternate between buddies to accumulate candy from different species, thus optimizing their gameplay experience.


Swapping buddies in Pokémon Go is a straightforward process that allows players to choose a new buddy, interact with them, earn candy, evolve them, and even switch buddies in gyms and raids.

By accessing the buddy menu, players can easily select a new buddy and begin interacting with them.

Earning buddy candy and evolving the buddy are additional benefits of the buddy system.

Finally, maximizing buddy friendship levels is crucial for enhancing gameplay.

In conclusion, the process of swapping buddies in Pokémon Go is essential for players to achieve their goals and strengthen their gameplay experience.

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