How to Delete Apps on LG Smart TVs

What You Should Understand

To access the How to Delete Apps on LG Smart TVs TV’s Home screen, press the Home button on the remote. To the right of the apps, use the remote to pick the Pencil icon.To delete an app, navigate to it with the left arrow on the remote and hit OK.To access the X at the top of the app, use the up arrow on the remote. Click “OK.” To delete the app, select Yes.

LG Smart TV Apps: How to Remove Them

Have you added too many apps to your LG smart TV, or would you like to take the pre-installed apps off of your home screen? Not an issue. It’s simple to remove apps from your smart TV. You may download them again if you ever need them, and it only takes a few seconds. Here’s how LG smart TV app deletion works.

  1. Press the LG remote’s Home button.
  2. On your TV, you’ll see your Home screen. To access the pencil icon, move the remote control to the right of the app row. To switch to Edit Mode, select it.
  3. Locate the programme you wish to uninstall by using the left arrow on your remote, then choose it by hitting the OK button.
  4. Press OK to pick the app by using the up arrow to travel to the X that appears at the top.
  5. You’ll be prompted with a pop-up window asking to uninstall the application. Choose “Yes.”
  6. To get out of Edit Mode, select Done. This app has been removed.

Reasons to Uninstall Apps

You may increase the functionality of your smart TV by adding games, screensavers, and movie streaming services like Hulu and Crackle through the use of applications. You may explore and download hundreds of apps from the LG Content Store.

However, you might eventually come to the realisation that your dashboard is overloaded with apps and that it takes an eternity to go through and select your favourites. It’s time to tidy up.

How To Delete App From LG Smart TV

In such cases, the delete option will not be available for those apps.

How to Delete/Uninstall Apps on LG Smart TV

Choose the Delete option from the popup menu. 10.

How to Delete Apps on LG Smart TV?

In order to delete that particular app, tap on the Delete option.

In order to delete that particular app, tap on the Delete option.

Need to know how to delete installed application

Generally got back to the app tab and up arrow. 3.) Some TV’s respect the hold the OK button when you have selected the app, but it varies if it gives you the delete option.

How to Delete Apps on LG Smart TV?

It is unnecessary to install third-party applications on your LG Smart TV that you do not use as this takes up valuable storage space of your TV’s reduced internal storage.

How to Delete Apps on LG Smart TV and Manage Them

Since the internal storage of smart TVs is usually limited, keeping too many apps might slow it down.

How to remove apps from a smart LG TV

The proprietary webOS platform, which you probably know and (maybe) even adore, powers LG’s smart TVs. You may have noticed that the webOS platform is simple to use and intuitive, with app icons arranged at the bottom for quick navigation using the remote arrow controlled by your controller, if you have ever switched yours on to explore settings and menus.

DIFFICULTY: Simple; TIME: Ten minutes


Smart LG TV

You may download a wide variety of apps on WebOS, including your preferred news, YouTube, Netflix, and streaming apps. However, there’s a tiny issue: managing that rotating menu, which can get crowded and challenging to operate, becomes more difficult as the number of apps you use increases. The smart TV will display an out-of-memory warning and prevent you from downloading any further apps if you download too many in total. The answer? To free up space, uninstall a few of the useless apps: This guide explains how to remove apps from an LG smart TV.

How to uninstall apps on LG Smart TV

From the options menu,select “Delete,” indicated as the trash bin icon.

LG Smart TV: Online User Guide

Hold down the Wheel (OK) button on the Magic Remote Control, and then move the pointer to the trash bin icon

Ways to uninstall apps from your LG TV

Update your LG TV to the most recent version that is compatible with your TV model before you start. If there are any updates available, updating is typically fairly simple and will only take a few minutes. We have a tutorial that can walk you through the process.

Step 1: Switch the LG TV on. Choose the Home or Recents button using your LG remote; it’s usually the one with a house-shaped emblem on it. Your app menu ought to appear at the bottom of the screen as a result.

Step 2: Shuffle through the list of your apps using your remote cursor, making sure to get all the way to the finish. When you get to the finish, there should be a square or white bar with an icon that resembles a pencil or marker. Choose it.

Note: The version of webOS you are using will affect how your interface appears. Some iterations include significantly larger icons, while others are a little more simplistic. However, the directions and general navigation should be nearly the same.

Step 3: To inform you that you are in editing mode, LG’s webOS platform will now display the app-editing interface. By pressing the Centre button on your control wheel and dragging it to the desired location, you can manually select an app in this area. That’s not quite enough, though, if you need to delete some apps to free up some space.

There are apps that will display a little “X” or trash can above the app icon when you hover over them to make your selection. The settings and administration apps from LG will not display this icon, and you are unable to remove them altogether. However, any third-party programmes that are installed on your TV ought to display a trash can or a “X”.

When you are in the correct location, a little, dejected skull face may show when you hover your pointer over the X/trash can. Press and hold the Centre button to pick it. Verify your desire to remove the application.

Step 4: Since these are the least-needed versions, it’s always a good idea to start by removing the third-party programmes that you don’t even recognise. On LG smart TVs, a lot of third-party apps are preloaded, so chances are you’ve never used some of them. Next, pick your less-used apps or those that you can install from other streaming devices, such as an Apple TV, a console, or a dongle that is attached to your LG TV.

How To Delete App From LG Smart TV

Depending on your TV model, the settings may be accessible through a dedicated settings button or by selecting the gear icon on the home screen.

Issues removing (LG) TV from Google home

Click the gear icon Choose the TV (in my case, the “Basement TV”) “Remove Device” in red is at the bottom of the screen.

How To Delete App From LG Smart TV |

In the settings menu, look for the “General” or “All Settings” option.

Issues removing (LG) TV from Google home

When you have entered the LG TV Settings menu, select General.

When you have entered the LG TV Settings menu, select General.

Activating your LG TV’s intelligent editing feature

You might discover that you have an extra choice if your LG TV is one of the newest models available on webOS and is only a few years old: One feature you could see when you pick the white Editing symbol from your app list is an option to enable Intelligent Edit.

To eliminate the need for you to fumble through the menu to find the apps you use most frequently, Intelligent Edit will automatically rearrange your programmes to place them in the front. Turning on Intelligent Edit without erasing anything can help if that’s the only thing that’s really bothering you.

The only possible problem is that Intelligent Edit on a new LG TV can inform you that it does not have sufficient app usage history to rearrange your apps in any specific order. But if things ever start to get messy, remember that for later.


Q.1: On my smart TV, how can I remove preinstalled apps?
To start Smart Hub, first press the Home button on your remote. Scroll to and choose Applications with the directional pad. Next, navigate to Settings, find the app you wish to remove, scroll to Delete, and click on it. Lastly, choose Delete again to make sure.

Q.2: Is it possible to remove and reload an app on my TV?
On your Samsung TV, reinstall the apps.Using your remote, press the Home button and then scroll down to Apps.Navigate to the app by going to Settings and selecting Delete.On your remote, press the Return button and then choose the Search symbol.Enter the application’s name and click “Install.”

Q.3: How can I get Google off my TV?
The following general actions are yours to try:Navigate to your device’s app drawer or home screen.Look for the app Google TV.Holding down on the app icon will cause a menu to show.Choose “Disable” or “Uninstall” from the menu.Verify that you wish to disable or uninstall the application if asked.


To sum up, removing apps from LG Smart TVs is a simple procedure that can significantly improve your watching experience. You can enjoy a clutter-free entertainment hub and easier access to your favourite content by clearing out unneeded or unwanted apps from the interface.

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